Dell OpenManage on Dell R300 Server – network gone

After installing Dell OpenManage 7.4.0 (latest version from Dell apt repository) on a PE860 Server running Debian 7 worked without issues [lang:german] and proved to be useful [lang:german], I proceeded to do the same on an R300 Server. That didn’t go well..

Installing the packages went fine, next step was starting the OpenManage “dataeng” service. Right after that all hell broke loose: iSCSI connections were cut, VMs using iSCSI disks were hung, SSH connections were dropped. Lucky this wasn’t a remote server.

Console worked, no signs of kernel crash or kernel errors in the logs. But the system seemed to have lost network connectivity and could not ping anywhere except localhost, which explains the observed behavior.

As OpenManage wants to run its own SNMP Server, I figured the already running SNMP server might conflict with it. Disabled the Debian snmpd service, left OpenManage dataeng enabled. Reboot, same problem.

Disable OpenManage dataeng service, reboot, no problem. So OpenManage is part of the problem. Need to investigate.

I do not think Debian is part of the problem, because I have seen the same behavior about 3 years ago with bigger Dell servers (R710?) and Suse Linux Enterprise 11.